Sonoma County Advancing New Housing & Land-Use Policies

Greenbelt Alliance is working to fine-tune several proposed new county initiatives that are likely to increase the density and number of homes, as well as people, in the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County—beyond the nine city’s’ urban growth boundaries (UGB). We need you to make your voice heard at the Board of Supervisors meeting on October 23! 

Take Action: Threat to Novato Urban Growth Boundary

Less than a year since the voters of Novato overwhelmingly approved the renewal of the Novato urban growth boundary (UGB) for another 20 years, it is under threat. The City of Novato is under legal pressure to allow an exception to the UGB for a large luxury home to be built on a long-vacant lot on a narrow road in rural Black Point that is beyond city limits, city services, and the… Read More

Vote YES On Measure T to Protect Coyote Valley and Protect San Jose

Greenbelt Alliance is endorsing San Jose’s Measure T, an innovative infrastructure bond that will protect San Jose’s “green infrastructure” in Coyote Valley, as well as invest in disaster preparedness, public safety, and other infrastructure in the city.

Vote YES on Measure M—Sonoma County Parks for All

This November, Greenbelt Alliance urges you to vote YES on Measure M, which provides funding for parks in Sonoma County’s open spaces, cities, and towns.

Vote YES on Measure FF for East Bay Parks

Measure FF helps the East Bay Regional Park District maintain Bay Area treasures like Tilden Regional Park

This November, Greenbelt Alliance urges you to vote yes on Measure FF, which ensures continued funding for the East Bay Regional Parks District

Big Win in Antioch: 1,400 Acres of Sand Creek Protected

Our initiative will let Antioch voters decide the future of Sand Creek.

On August 28, the Antioch City Council protected 1,400 acres of of land from development, an important win in the fight against Contra Costa County sprawl.

Shaping the Bay Area One Generation at a Time

Evers Family History

The Evers family have been working for nearly 85 years to ensure growth happens in a way that preserves the landscapes that make the Bay Area special. Their work has helped shape our region into a place where both natural lands and urbanization can thrive.

Empowering Local Activists in Solano County

Greenbelt Alliance is empowering a group of motivated residents with the Bay Area Greenprint, using the Dove Creek development near Vacaville as an example.

Community Defends Wildlife Corridor at Sonoma Developmental Center

Sonoma Developmental Center lands

The site of the Sonoma Developmental Center is one of the most important wildlife corridors in Sonoma Valley and must be protected once the Center closes.

Lessons of the Proposition 68 Campaign

Materials from the Proposition 68 campaign

Thanks to the hard work of the Proposition (Prop.) 68 campaign, Californians made history this past Election Day—June 5—as they voted overwhelmingly to support Prop. 68 and invest $4.1 billion in our state’s parks and natural resources. Prop. 68 had broad-based, statewide support. 57% of all Californians, and 68% here in the Bay Area, voted yes on 68. “The success of Prop. 68 at the polls is an enormous win for all… Read More