Bob Johnson’s Path to a Lasting Legacy

Bob Johnson in his beloved Berkeley

Today, as both an outings leader and board member for Greenbelt Alliance, he introduces Bay Area residents to the dynamic communities of Berkeley, the East Bay’s stunning parks and open spaces, and the joys of seeing the world on foot. Since 1989, Bob has been helping us spread the word about the unique wonders of his chosen home.

Bud Johns: Creating a Lasting Legacy

Bud Johns is best known to Greenbelt Alliance for his 24 years on the Board and his dedication to create an endowment that provides financial stability.

Investing in Your Legacy Through Greenbelt Alliance

Join Andy and Sara Barnes in securing the future of the Bay Area by naming Greenbelt Alliance in your will or trust. Learn more about planned giving.

From City to Country: Margaret Spaulding On Why She Supports Greenbelt Alliance

I give because of the leadership and the quality, character, and moral convictions of the people. This is the one organization that answers the tough questions of what to do about water, population growth, land use, moving people around, and accommodating farms and small towns.

Helping Build a Better Bay Area for their Daughter

Planned giving helps protect the Bay Area for Daisy.

It was serendipity that helped Wendy and Dan Marinaccio Husman discover Greenbelt Alliance, but a deep connection to our mission that led the couple to make our organization a beneficiary of their estate. When Wendy discovered Greenbelt Alliance during a job search a few years back, she and Dan fell in love with our vision of a sustainable inclusive Bay Area. They soon became monthly donors, because they wanted to help “create… Read More