Conservation by Collaboration

Greenbelt Alliance has been meeting with representatives and agencies from all nine Bay Area counties to highlight opportunities for new Priority Conservation Areas. Along the way, these collaborations have led to some rich discourse and some exciting potential projects.

ABAG Sharpens Process to Identify Open Space Preservation

The ABAG executive committee has approved some new language that is expected to make it easier to undertake regional conservation planning.

The Bay Area’s Priority Conservation Areas

On July 17, the Bay Area made its strongest regional commitment yet to protecting our natural and agricultural lands. The Association of Bay Area Governments unanimously approved the new and improved Priority Conversation Area Program.

The good, the bad, and the silver lining in latest version of OneBayArea grant program

Ever since the OneBayArea grant program was introduced back in July 2011, Greenbelt Alliance has been pushing for more dollars to be included in the program to support to cities and counties who are planning for sustainable, equitable land use.

OneBayArea grant program

The Bay Area is expected to grow significantly over the next two decades. The biggest question is how that growth will impact the region’s ability to create and sustain good jobs.