Antioch Scraps Sand Creek Plan Defeating Sprawl Development

For the second time in 13 years, Greenbelt Alliance and our partners defeated Antioch’s sprawl plan for the Sand Creek Focus Area, a vital step toward our ultimate goal of long-term protection for the area.

The Sand Creek Focus Area plan was one of the largest sprawl development proposals in the entire 9-county Bay Area region. It would have green-lighted sprawl development on more than four square miles (2,700 acres) of natural and agricultural lands, more than twice the size of Golden Gate Park. First defeated in 2004, this ill-conceived plan has been thrown out again. After hearing from hundreds of concerned Antioch residents for more than a year, the Antioch City Council scrapped the plan and proposed skipping environmental review entirely.

While this was a victory to celebrate, there were still massive individual sprawl projects looming, which we continued to defeat year after year. Learn more about this win here.

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