Measure C Passed: Improving Coyote Valley Protections + Measure B Denied: Preventing Sprawl Development

Funded by two billionaires, the 367-page Evergreen Initiative would have rewritten local rules to facilitate sprawl development across the city. It posed a major threat to thousands of acres of open space across San Jose, including the iconic Coyote Valley—a lynchpin landscape at the city’s southern edge that connects the Mount Hamilton Range with the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Greenbelt Alliance spearheaded the No to Measure B and Yes to Measure C campaigns to defeat the Evergreen Initiative and protect the South Bay’s critical open space lands. Our team knocked on hundreds of doors and called thousands of voters to ensure they knew the truth about the deceptive initiative that would strain resources and worsen climate impacts on the region. Thankfully, San Jose heard our plea and rejected this sprawl initiative by saying NO to Measure B and YES to Measure C in the June 2018 election! Learn more about the No on B and Yes on C campaign here.

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