Comments for the San Jose General Plan Task Force meeting on Transportation

December 7, 2009

Mr. Andrew Crabtree, Principal Planner Planning, Building and Code Enforcement San Jose City Hall
200 East Santa Clara Street

San Jose, CA 95113

Dear Mr. Crabtree:Thank you for allowing Greenbelt Alliance the opportunity to comment on policies for the Transportation/Circulation Element of the San Jose General Plan. San Jose is a regional leader when it comes to providing homes for Silicon Valley’s workers and has demonstrated a commitment to infill development near transit stations. Greenbelt Alliance also applauds the City’s recent proposals to set ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in Envision San Jose 2040. The next challenge facing San Jose is the need to plan the transportation system for people, and not cars. By focusing on enhancing mobility for all users of the roadway network, rather than improving auto traffic circulation alone, San Jose can serve as a model for the region, state and nation.

To keep reading this comment letter: San Jose General Plan 2040 (PDF)

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