Comments on HCD’s 2nd Draft of Guidelines for the TOD Housing Program

Ms. Lynn Jacobs, Director
California Department of Housing and Community Development 1800 Third Street, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Director Jacobs:

On behalf of Greenbelt Alliance, I am writing to provide formal comments on HCD’s second draft guidelines for the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Housing Program, published October 15, 2007.

Since 1958, Greenbelt Alliance has worked to protect the San Francisco Bay Area’s open space and promote livable communities. We have worked with local communities and partner groups to help secure long-term protection for more than 1.1 million acres of open space, establish urban growth boundaries around 23 cities and five counties, and endorse plans to create more than 48,000 homes within existing urban areas. Greenbelt Alliance also supported 2006’s Proposition 1C.

With respect to the TOD program guidelines, we appreciate the significant improvements over the first draft of the guidelines. In particular, we are pleased that the new guidelines changed many transit quality measures to scoring criteria and allow TOD funds to be used with important sources of affordable housing financing. We want to thank the Department for taking public feedback seriously and for the opportunity to comment on the second draft guidelines.

Below are our comments on the second draft…

Keep reading the comment letter: Greenbelt Alliance comments on 2nd TOD guidelines (PDF)

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