Comments to Draft Land Use 2020: Meeting the Goals Framework Document

January 28, 2008

Chairwoman Pfannensteil
Land Use Subgroup to the Climate Action Team (LUSCAT) Transmitted Via Email

As members of ClimatePlan, we are pleased to provide comments on LUSCAT’s draft policy framework for achieving AB 32’s land use goals. ClimatePlan is a new network of leading organizations that have come together to inform and educate California’s local, regional and state decision-makers about the global warming-land use connection. ClimatePlan promotes land use policies and public investment to achieve AB 32 greenhouse gas emission reductions targets, improve quality of life in California and serve as a model for national action.

We applaud your efforts to develop a policy framework for achieving AB 32’s land use goals, and we appreciate the formidable task of achieving consensus among stakeholders and LUSCAT’s many diverse state agencies. We believe the current document embodies many of the important concepts to consider in AB 32 implementation–for example, the recommendations for improving state process will certainly lead to important greenhouse gas reductions. Our comments below mirror the structure of the draft document.

Keep reading the comment letter: ClimatePlan Comments on Land Use 2020 (PDF)

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