Concord: A case study

Strip to Streetscape

Shopping centers built decades ago can be converted into communities where people live, work, and shop. Close to Concord's attractive plaza and to two BART stations, this section of Willow Pass Road could be renewed, bringing new life and revenue to the city.


Mere blocks from Concord’s park-studded downtown is a stretch of aging strip malls in the shadow of taller office buildings. With jobs and two BART stations, the City could add new mixed-use development to enliven Willow Pass Road.

Tony, who likes the liveliness of Todos Santos plaza, thinks spread-out areas could be improved for pedestrians and public transportation. “Americans love their cars. I like people living closer together— it’s better for community. I enjoy the life of a city.”


Arthur Chan, a lifelong Concord resident, is an avid native plant gardener. He believes living closer together is better for people and for nature. “It makes sense to get people driving less and interacting more. I don’t like when people live remotely from each other, especially at the cost of habitat. We need to think about our wild neighbors.”

At a Glance:


Area of focus:
Willow Pass Road

What it is now:
Car-oriented strip malls

What it could become:
A pedestrian-friendly community

Why here:
Downtown and BART connector

Infill opportunity sites:


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