Napa Subregion’s Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA)

July 27, 2011

Paul Price, Executive Director
Napa County Transportation Planning Agency (NCTPA)
707 Randolph Street, Suite 100
Napa, CA  94559

Dear Executive Director Price and the NCTPA Board of Directors,

Greenbelt Alliance, the Bay Area’s advocate for open spaces and vibrant places since 1958, writes to comment on the Napa Subregion’s Regional Housing Need Allocation planning process, specifically, as it relates to the Napa Pipe Project. Greenbelt Alliance submitted a letter in March 2011 to the Napa County Board of Supervisors that outlines the organization’s comments and concerns regarding the supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Napa Pipe project. Greenbelt Alliance has followed the project, proposed by Napa Redevelopment Partners, LLC, since 2007 and conducted an analysis of the potential impacts and benefits. Please refer to the March letter for more information regarding our position and findings.  Based on our evaluation, we concluded that compact, mixed-use development, including 2,580 homes, is the best way to fulfill Napa County’s housing needs, shorten local commute times, and reuse this large brownfield site…

To keep reading comment letter: Letter on Napa subregion’s RHNA

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