STP/CMAQ funding allocations

September 1, 2009

Scott Haggerty
Chair, Metropolitan Transportation Commission 101 Eighth St
Oakland, CA 94607

Dear MTC Chair Haggerty, Programming and Allocations Committee Chair Kinsey and Commissioners:

We are writing to express our strong concerns with the MTC proposed funding allocations for the Transportation 2035 “Core Programs” under STP/CMAQ Cycles 1 and 2, as were put forth in the June 23, 2009 staff report. We feel that these recommendations short-change the Bay Area’s commitment to climate protection.

The Transportation 2035 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), which MTC adopted in April 2009, recognizes the enormity of the climate challenge we face and clearly shows that infrastructure investments alone will not meet the region’s climate goals; focused growth and creative demand management solutions are also needed.

Keep reading the comment letter: STP CMAQ funding allocation comment letter (PDF)

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