Walking enthusiast loves Greenbelt Alliance

Charlie Bowen loves to walk. A Bay Area native, Charlie joined Greenbelt Alliance back when it was called People for Open Space because she loved living where people had easy access to the wonderful open spaces around the Bay.

Charlie BowenA graduate of University of California at Berkeley, Charlie worked as a software programmer. Now retired, she hikes often in the Berkeley hills. An original board member of the Pathwanderers of Berkeley, she has been the Path Building Lead for the last eight years. She also participates in Greenbelt Outings and walks to do her shopping.

Charlie is one of 425 members who has given to Greenbelt Alliance for more than 20 years. Greenbelt Alliance’s vision for the Bay Area is “the way life should be organized,” she says, “with people living closer together and open space being close to people.”

Charlie, thank you for your work bringing people to nature and for being a long-term Greenbelt Alliance member!

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