June 6, 2012

Op-Ed: It’s Dangerous to Trust Those with Crystal Balls

Ms. La Porta is not only puzzled, she is confused about Ms. Rushton’s points. The confusion stems from believing that sustainability is copyrighted and patented by her organization’s view and that Ms. Rushton’s criticism of the Association of Bay Area Governments voids her organization’s legitimacy to call itself Sustainable TamAlmonte.

What’s at Risk: Stopping Sprawl by Mapping Land

Plenty of people and groups have worked to limit where new malls and housing occurs. In Brentwood in Contra Costa County, a majority of the people didn’t want to lose the surrounding orchards to more houses. With a little help, they realized farmland is vital for their economy and the region. Two years ago, they voted down an attempt to expand the urban limit line, a simple rule passed by residents that determines where development should or shouldn’t happen. As in, let’s build within our city limits and not where we grow the food we need to eat.

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