Day: May 3, 2013

Wider Highways? Bay Area’s Smart Growth Plan Has Some Glaring Mistakes

Population growth in the Bay Area doesn’t have to mean more traffic and more suburban sprawl, if it’s planned for in a sustainable way. To that end, regional planners at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission recently released a draft of Plan Bay Area, a state-mandated blueprint for focusing housing growth over the next 25 years near transit hubs, where new residents are less likely to need a car to get around.

Illegal “New Farm” Project Withdrawn, Controversial Developer Submits New Plans

Conservation leaders from Contra Costa County and many residents living in and around Dublin, CA recently celebrated their victory over the “New Farm” project and the withdrawal of the proposed 187-unit, 771-acre suburban development in the rural Tassajara Valley. They expressed concern, however, about a new proposal for 158 units on a portion of the same site, dubbed “Tassajara Parks.” The “New Farm” project called for major development outside of voter-approved Urban Limit Lines, as well as illegal extensions of urban utilities, among numerous violations of local laws and policies. If approved, it would have opened the floodgates to development on protected lands across the county.

New Farm is old news

As local environmental organizations celebrate a recent victory over the withdrawal of the New Farm project, concern is growing over a new development on the same site.

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