January 22, 2015

A Letter from the CEO

2014 was quite a year. Across the Bay Area, great steps were made toward better protecting our region’s special open spaces and to making our cities and towns great places to live, work, and play.

El Camino Real at Castro St.

Mountain View Takes Two Steps Forward

On December 9, Mountain View took two important steps toward creating a more vibrant and affordable city by approving a long-term vision for the El Camino Real corridor and voting to significantly increase funds for new affordable homes.

Conservation by Collaboration

Greenbelt Alliance has been meeting with representatives and agencies from all nine Bay Area counties to highlight opportunities for new Priority Conservation Areas. Along the way, these collaborations have led to some rich discourse and some exciting potential projects.

photo by Zoe Meyers

Overcoming Barriers to Farming and Ranching

Like with many industries, there are several barriers to success for our region’s local agricultural businesses. But Greenbelt Alliance is proving that there are innovative policies that we can use to help local farms and ranches thrive and prevent sprawl developers from paving over our essential farm and ranch lands.

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