Day: February 21, 2016

Five Ways Every County Can Help Bay Area Farms and Ranches

Each county in the Bay Area has unique agricul­tural challenges and opportunities based on everything from terrain to political climate. Our new report, HomeGrown: Tools for Local Farms and Ranches, is a collection of tools and best practices that can help overcome the top issues farmers and ranchers face. Best of all, the tools shared in this report can all be adapted to any Bay Area county.

Report Urges Marin and Region to Be Vigilant in Protecting Farms From Development

Marin and the Bay Area should do more to protect local ranches and farms that produce local food that ends up on breakfast, lunch and dinner plates across the region, according to a new report. The Greenbelt Alliance, a San Francisco-based open space advocacy group, issued “Homegrown,” a report highlighting some of the issues ranches and farms face in the urbanized Bay Area as they produce food.

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