April 1, 2016

Looking Ahead: The Farms and Ranches Forever Initiative

The local food movement has exploded across the nation, and the Bay Area is the epicenter—yet the Bay Area’s farms and ranches are in jeopardy. Since 1984, we’ve lost 217,000 acres of agricultural land—that’s seven times the size of San Francisco! Today, 200,000 acres of farms and ranches are at risk of being converted to development. Greenbelt Alliance has long been a champion for the Bay Area’s agricultural lands. In the coming year, we will step up support for our region’s farms and ranches.

Downtown San Jose

Implementing Smart Growth: A Toolkit for San Jose

Greenbelt Alliance created the San Jose Urban Village Toolkit to cut through technical jargon and help neighbors get organized so they can engage with each other, the city, and developers on neighborhood plans. The toolkit also guides residents through the planning process and helps them identify and build on what makes their neighborhood great.

Big Win for Open Space: Priority Conservation Areas

2015 was a big year for open space protection in the Bay Area. The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) voted to expand the region’s Priority Conservation Area (PCA) Program significantly. Priority Conservation Areas are exactly what they sound like: natural areas, recreation lands, farms, ranches, and urban open spaces that should be protected from development. Local governments nominate open spaces as PCAs, and ABAG vets and approves the nominations. Now that the PCA Program has been expanded, there are 165 PCAs across the Bay Area, covering over 2 million acres.

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