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Around Dublin: Greenbelt Alliance Calls Out Dublin, CA’s Controversial Plans for Sprawl in Doolan Canyon

This article was originally published on February 26, 2014 by Around Dublin.

By Around Dublin Team

For over two years, residents in and around Dublin, CA have been quietly sharing their concerns about their city’s eastward expansion towards Livermore through the Save Doolan Canyon online petition hosted on the Around Dublin Blog. In addition to Dublin City Hall, the signed petitions from concerned Tri-Valley residents have been going to Save Mount Diablo, Sierra Club, Tri-Valley Conservancy, Friends of the Vineyards, Friends of Livermore, and the highly regarded Greenbelt Alliance. Following Save Mount Diablo’s lead in rallying a grassroots signature collection campaign, Greenbelt Alliance is weighing in on Dublin’s controversial plans to develop Doolan Canyon.

Doolan Canyon is a gorgeous piece of currently protected land sandwiched between Dublin and Livermore, CA. Pacific Union Homes, the City of Dublin, and an investment group led by Charter Properties and the Lin Family are hoping to develop the area as part of what is currently proposed to be an active lifestyle senior community with 1,990 homes.

Of course, no one in the Tri-Valley believes this coalition of public officials and private land owners will stop at just 1,990 homes for seniors. Citing “market conditions” as Charter Properties has done at the Promenade, Pacific Union Homes will likely toss out the plans for senior housing in favor of a 5,000-6,000 home Dublin Ranch-style community once the area falls under Dublin’s sphere of influence and is zoned residential.

Greenbelt Alliance is hopeful Dublin residents can make a difference and stop the sprawl.

Local environmental leaders, with support from groups like the Sierra Club, Greenbelt Alliance, and Save Mount Diablo, have drafted an initiative that would establish an urban growth boundary on Dublin’s eastern border. Urban growth boundaries are effective policies that designate where a city can and cannot grow. This initiative would close the last gap in urban growth boundaries across the Tri-Valley area. “With your help, we can ensure that Doolan Canyon will stay permanently protected from sprawl,” wrote Greenbelt Alliance in a recent email to supporters. [emphasis added]

According to Greenbelt Alliance, the initiative needs at least 3,500 signatures from Dublin residents to be on the ballot. To get involved, contact Dick Schneider at richs59354@aol.com or (510) 926-0010.

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