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Climate Rider: Adam Garcia

Meet Team Greenbelt Alliance. This year we are privileged to have 12 riders representing Greenbelt Alliance on Climate Ride 2012. Between Aug. 29 and Sept. 8, we’ll profile each of the riders (in their own words) on Team Greenbelt Alliance. Follow @gbeltalliance and like us on Facebook to get updates from our Climate Ride team during the ride on Sept. 9-13.



How much do you love the Bay Area? So much, I know, me too.

I’m working for an organization that’s been kicking butt in protecting all the awesome farms and wild open spaces around the whole Bay since 1958, and when I was 6 (’87) still living in Richmond, they started advocating for smart affordable development in the cities too.

Greenbelt Alliance plays such a necessary in balancing the dialogue of how should grow our human habitation of the Bay, straddling the divide between land preservation and urban revitalization.

My main project has been our At Risk 2012 report and online tool called the Greenbelt Mapper that helps people understand the development threats, protection measures, and open space values of the greenbelt lands around the region. I think the Mapper is a great first step, but could use some revamping down the road to make it more collaborative.

I want to ask if you can help support some of the super cool work we do by making a donation to Greenbelt Alliance. I’m taking part in Climate Ride, a bicycling trip from Eureka to San Francisco and I would be stoked if you could help me achieve my donation goal of $2,700.

Thank you so much!

Donate to Adam.

Read about Greenbelt Alliance on Climate Ride.

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