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Climate Rider: Jon Shields

Meet Team Greenbelt Alliance. This year we are privileged to have 12 riders representing Greenbelt Alliance on Climate Ride 2012. Between Aug. 29 and Sept. 8, we’ll profile each of the riders (in their own words) on Team Greenbelt Alliance. Follow @gbeltalliance and like us on Facebook to get updates from our Climate Ride team during the ride on Sept. 9-13.


I’m excited about the ride because 1) it sounds like a great adventure, 2) a chance to reconnect with old friends (Ed and Elliot), 3) a chance to make new friends who support green causes and like to bike as well.

My wife and I have supported Greenbelt Alliance for a long time.  I feel that open space around the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the key aspects that make it such a wonderful place to live, so we fully support the mission.

Donate to Jon.

Read about Greenbelt Alliance on Climate Ride.

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