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Contra Costa County Votes No on Measure J

Update: On March 3, Contra Costa County voters rejected Measure J, choosing not to support this ballot measure, which would have provided funding for the county’s transportation system.

Greenbelt Alliance endorsed Measure J to reduce traffic congestion and improve the transportation system in Contra Costa County. Measure J was on the March 2020 ballot and Greenbelt Alliance along with a coalition of partners (see the San Francisco Chronicle’s endorsement here) encouraged residents across the county to vote yes.

Measure J, initially proposed by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA), included a ½ cent sales tax, which would have generated $103 million annually to fund the county’s transportation system. Greenbelt Alliance was deeply engaged in the creation of Measure J, along with a coalition of partner organizations, including Save Mount Diablo, TransForm, Bike East Bay, Save the Bay, Monument Impact, grassroots climate change organizations, and transit operators. After several meetings, our hard-fought advocacy efforts resulted in the CCTA including the majority of our demands in Measure J, a ballot measure that would have not only improved the transportation system, but that also supported a climate-smart vision for the county.

Measure J Would Have Meant Smart Growth & Open Space Wins

If passed in the March 2020 election, Measure J’s Transportation Expenditure Plan would have incorporated wins around climate-smart and inclusive development. These wins include: 

  1. Improved walking and biking options on streets and trails. 
  2. Reduced number of cars on the road, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. 
  3. Provided safe, accessible, and inclusive transportation options for children, seniors, veterans, and people who are disabled. 
  4. Supported infill development within existing urban areas near transit.

In 2016, a similar measure was rejected by Contra Costa County voters because it missed the mark in key areas. With significant updates, Measure J included the demands Greenbelt Alliance and a coalition of environmental organizations made as well as the community’s input. This was an exciting opportunity for Contra Costa County to continue to lead the Bay Area on smart transit-oriented development. Unfortunately, Measure J did not pass. 

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