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KQED’s Forum program on June 8 featured Executive Director Jeremy Madsen and other Bay Area planning and development leaders talking about Grow Smart Bay Area. Madsen said:

“What we see here is a chance to turn the Bay Area into a model metropolis, so that in 30 years when we do this show, you [Michael Krasny] don’t introduce this as ‘this is what they do in the Netherlands,’ instead, it’s ‘this is what they do in the San Francisco Bay Area.’”

Hear the full hour at:

4 Comments on “Forum focuses on Grow Smart

  1. I amt trying to figure out if Grow Smart Bay Area is more than a half dozen web pages. I see no reference to an actual plan or document. Please clarify on the GSBA home page if there is a downloadable document describing fully what’s up, or if it’s just these six web pages.

  2. Thanks for checking out! You can download the campaign brochure by clicking on “Here’s How” and “Meeting the Challenge.” There, you’ll find steps on how to make this vision happen.

    In Marin, Greenbelt Alliance is advocating for more affordable homes. You can see where by going to “It’s Possible” and zooming in on “the regional map.”

    If you want to get involved, go to and contact a Greenbelt Alliance field representative in your area!

  3. Hello, can you please post some more information on this topic? I would like to read more.

    • Thanks for your interest! In addition to the many case studies under “where people will live,” you can also download Greenbelt Alliance’s longer reports under “here’s how” and “meeting the challenge.”

      Check back, too. We will post when Greenbelt Alliance hosts Grow Smart Bay Area workshops around the region.

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