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Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: Journey’s End in Santa Rosa

Update: We are excited to share that the City of Santa Rosa approved the Journey’s End project, which will bring climate-smart, inclusive housing to the North Bay!

Greenbelt Alliance supported and officially endorsed the proposed infill development by Burbank Housing located at 3575 Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa, CA. This development is an essential component of Santa Rosa’s continued success and evolution. With the site’s history as a mobile home park, the proposed redevelopment of the site as a high-density residential transit village would be a huge boon for Santa Rosa.

This site is notably a key opportunity for increased density near transit, services, and employers. Being in a Priority Development Area, Santa Rosa can capitalize on the fact that this site is located within walking distance of six major employers as well as neighborhood amenities. The Journey’s End project is also located less than half a mile from Bicentennial Way Transit Corridor and will have direct access to existing bike lanes as well as six bus stops in its immediate vicinity. Given its proximity to transit services, as well as its walkability, this development has the potential to reduce greenhouse gases related to transportation which are the Bay Area’s single largest source of emissions.

Journey’s End aligns with the City of Santa Rosa’s goals, planning blueprints, and efforts to create a more vibrant community. With 532 total housing units—162 of which will be senior affordable units that represent 30% affordability for the project—Santa Rosa can ensure that people of all income levels have a place to call home.

According to GreenTRIP—a free online tool created by Transform that models traffic and greenhouse gas impacts of residential projects in California—Journey’s End will result in:

  • 10,636 fewer miles driven every day compared to the Sonoma County average.
  • 60% fewer GHG impacts every day compared to the Sonoma County average.
  • 17% less parking use every day compared to the Sonoma County average.
  • Parking when compared to Municipal requirements:
    • Saving $-6,630,000 in parking construction cost if built with 0.95 instead of the municipal requirement of 0.7 spaces/unit.
    • Saving 31,920 sq. ft. in parking spaces which could be allocated to 43 housing units of 746 sq. ft.

With the necessary housing and the incorporation of private and public spaces, Journey’s End will assist in creating the vibrant environment we all desire. This project will help the City make significant progress towards its Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) goals. Moreover, the development includes a one-acre central park that will be open to the public, providing a tangible community benefit for all residents.

We thank the City of Santa Rosa for looking thoughtfully at its local affordable housing policies and making a commitment towards financially supporting developers to provide more affordable housing, especially when the project plans provide other benefits like Journey’s End does.

Due to its commitment to affordability, well-placed location and walkable design, and smart planning to implement infill housing, Greenbelt Alliance is proud to have given the Journey’s End development project our endorsement!

You can learn more about our Development Endorsement Program here.

Photo: Burbank Housing

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