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“Growing Smartly” in Alameda

Blogging Bayport Alameda applauds Grow Smart Bay Area:

Another interesting tidbit on the smart growth front is the release of a new report and website from the Greenbelt Alliance… The report and website is “Grow Smart Bay Area” and talks about all the spaces in the Bay Area where there is room for growth in order to preserve the areas that need preserving like farms, forests and watersheds.  The Greenbelt Alliance has long been involved in advocacy for preserving open space, what makes this organization unique is that in addition to saying, “no you shouldn’t put that there” they also offer alternatives of where things should be put that makes sense for the region.

The report identifies areas are available through infill development or revitalizing areas that are underutilized (such as old business parks and shuttered strip malls) and, yes folks, even Alameda is identified as being able to accomodate growth.

Read the rest of the post at Blogging Bayport Alameda.

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