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KCBS local news: Infrastructure projects linked to economic recovery

Local transit and environmental groups have banded together to call for a major reinvestment in the nation’s infrastructure, saying a comprehensive plan to to build transit villages and improve public transit could create as many as 10 million jobs nationwide.

The beginning, said Jeremy Madsen of Greenbelt Alliance, could be the federal transportation bill up for consideration in Congress. “In Europe, in China, they’re thinking about a 21st century economic system,” he said. “Right now we’re living with a mid-20th century transportation system.”

KCBS’ Mark Seelig reports

Madsen and others launched the Transportation for America campaign on Wednesday outside of the King Street Caltrain station in San Francisco, saying the public’s frustration with high gas prices made the time ripe for Washington to link a new energy policy to different priorities for urban development.



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