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Los Gatos Approves New Infill Homes on “North 40”

Greenbelt Alliance is excited to share that the Los Gatos Town Council has approved a smart proposal for a new walkable neighborhood on one of the city’s largest sites for infill development.

Known as “Phase One of the North 40 development,” the project includes numerous exciting community benefits, including:

  • A mix of 335 new homes, as well as a village market, shops, and open space on a 21-acre site, including 60 affordable homes for seniors, providing opportunities for those most in need.
  • Over 30% of the area dedicated as open space with a central community park, community gardens, dog park, and fruit-bearing orchards.
  • Walking and biking paths throughout the neighborhood, and contributions to enhancing bicycle and pedestrian connectivity to surrounding community amenities and employers.

Greenbelt Alliance endorsed the Phase One proposal as a prime example of smart infill development that supports the local economy, relieves development pressure on the region’s natural and agricultural lands, and offers a host of other environmental and quality of life benefits. We joined an array of organizations and residents calling for its approval.

The approval of the Phase One proposal comes after many years of contentious deliberations and debate, including a lawsuit. And while there is cause for celebration, it’s concerning that the Los Gatos Town Council has placed a moratorium on development in the rest of the North 40 area until changes to the city’s North 40 Specific Plan, adopted in 2015, have been considered.

We urge Los Gatos residents to speak out in favor of more infill homes for residents across the income spectrum when the city discusses its moratorium at its October 3, 2017 Town Council meeting.

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