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The Man Behind the Maps

Even if you are a longtime supporter of Greenbelt Alliance, a name you might not be familiar with is Adam Garcia. Adam is Greenbelt Alliance’s mad scientist, our behind-the-scenes policy researcher.

He is the man behind all those pretty maps you see in reports such as our signature report At Risk: The Bay Area’s Greenbelt—but he’s more than just a smart guy who makes maps.

Today, Adam is working to improve the Bay Area Priority Conservation Area (PCA) program. PCAs are exactly what they sound like, areas that have been designated as priorities for land conservation. There are currently 101 PCAs scattered throughout the Bay Area—you’ve probably been to one and didn’t even know it! Last year, Adam’s work helped Bay Area leaders update the PCA program. And this year, his work will help us identify at least 20 more PCAs to add to the program by summer’s end.

We are so glad to have Adam on our team! He brings a wealth of knowledge and boundless enthusiasm for helping city planners, residents, and colleagues make a better Bay Area. If you’d like to meet Adam and chat about PCAs, sign up for his bike outings this summer. He’ll give you the grand tour.

photo: Tom Robertson

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