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Meet Nancy Fleming, Climate Rider

When Nancy Fleming first heard about the Climate Ride from Fortuna to San Francisco, there was little doubt in her mind she was going to do it. Now, after her third consecutive year riding down the Northern California coast raising money for Greenbelt Alliance, she remains as passionate and excited about it as ever. We are forever grateful for the over $8,400 she has raised on our behalf. Thank you, Nancy!

For 340 miles, Nancy and approximately 170 riders were able to take in the unique beauty of the beautiful woods, coastline, farms, and towns in our diverse region. “Every single aspect of the ride was impressive!” says Nancy.

2015 was Climate Ride’s largest ride yet. Among the riders were executive directors, nonprofit board members, elected officials, and others who are passionate about reversing the tide of climate change. All in all, they raised $630,000 in support of our collective efforts to realize a more sustainable future.

Nancy’s passion for sustainability and biking obviously rubbed off on her daughter Amie, who works at Greenbelt Alliance and wrote this article. And while Nancy recognizes that Greenbelt Alliance’s work is focused in the Bay Area, our ideas resonate across the country, particularly in her home state of Massachusetts. For Nancy, the combination of biking down Northern California’s iconic coastline and supporting a great cause was “truly a win-win.” Oh, and she got to visit her favorite daughter.

Climate Ride is in its eighth year of “pedaling for the planet,” raising money for bike and environmental advocacy groups across the country. Greenbelt Alliance is a grateful beneficiary of their work.


Photo: Kip Pierson ©

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