June 4, 2015

Who Benefits From Our Parks?

The Bay Area has immeasurable natural wealth and beauty. We have permanently preserved over 1.1 million acres of the greenbelt, nearly 25% of the entire Bay Area. That’s pretty impressive, but is everyone in the Bay Area reaping the benefits?

Growing Our Farmland

While our demand for locally-grown food steadily rises—particularly after biting into a fresh Sebastopol apple or a luscious tomato from Sonoma—few of us realize that access to land is a major barrier facing the farmers and ranchers who produce our favorite fruits, vegetables, and sustainability-raised chickens and beef.

Round 1 of Plan Bay Area Workshops Complete

May 28 marked the last public workshop of the initial comment period for the update to Plan Bay Area, the groundbreaking regional strategy that envisions no sprawl for the next generation and focuses the majority of new development near transit. Here are some highlights from the workshops.

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