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Planning for Change: What makes a development sustainable?

There are countless ways for a development to lighten its load on Planet Earth and nearly as many systems to rate how environmentally friendly a project is (LEED, Build it Green, CalGreen, etc.). How can you sift through all this info and determine if a development will be people- and earth-friendly in your neighborhood?

On Feb. 9, 2012, Greenbelt Alliance hosted its second installment of the Planning for Change workshop series (the first workshop was about how to comment on an EIR). Attendees heard from developers and sustainability professionals who know this topic inside and out. The guest speakers showed us how to review development plans, what to look for in a good development, how to see through “greenwashing,” how to make financially feasible recommendations to improve a project, and more.

In case you missed it, check out this short video in which we queried two developers for some insider tips:


Stay tuned for more Planning for Change workshops in the near future!

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