Teri Shore

Teri Shore

Protecting Sonoma County’s Vital Lands

Over the past year, Greenbelt Alliance has been proud to support the development of Sonoma County’s new Vital Lands Initiative.

This effort provides a long-range vision to guide the activities of Sonoma County’s esteemed Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District. The initiative will help the district prioritize how to invest roughly $22 million raised each year to permanently protect the greenbelts, farms and ranches, and natural areas of Sonoma County.

Greenbelt Alliance’s North Bay Regional Director, Teri Shore, has been deeply involved in crafting the new plan. Teri provided data and policy expertise to the district and educated residents about this opportunity to shape Sonoma’s landscape preservation priorities.

We’re particularly pleased that the new initiative calls for permanent protection of the natural and agricultural lands at the edges of Sonoma County’s nine cities and towns. These areas are the most threatened by sprawl development, so the district’s conservation investments will provide a powerful tool to preserve Sonoma County’s stunning environment and charmed quality of life—before it’s too late.

Going forward, Greenbelt Alliance will work with Ag + Open Space to realize the bold vision of the Vital Lands Initiative with a focus on greenbelts and community separators.

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Photo: Eugene Kim via Flickr

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