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Savor the Greenbelt 2020: A Virtual Success

On October 14, 2020, supporters, partners, and friends of Greenbelt Alliance joined us virtually for our annual Savor the Greenbelt event. We came together to toast to a shared goal of creating a more climate-resilient Bay Area. Thanks to our generous community, we raised nearly $240,000 in support of our work to educate, advocate, and collaborate to ensure the Bay Area’s lands and communities are resilient to a changing climate.

We were joined by comedian Irene Tu, who masterfully hosted the evening by providing much-needed laughter! And to liven the party even more, Irene immersed the audience in a drinking game by challenging everyone to take a sip every time they heard “climate resilience”. It’s a good thing attendees imbibed in the comfort of their homes!

Adding even more entertainment to the event, we heard from Greenbelt Alliance Board member Laney Thornton and David Westerbeke of the Buck Nickels and Loose Change Band, who played a brilliant rendition of “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis & the News, and “She’s Got A Way” by Billy Joel. They appropriately renamed their songs “Power of Nature,” and “Nature’s Got A Way”.

We also heard from our Greenbelt Alliance community on what the power of nature means to them, affirming our understanding of just how important it is to protect our natural and agricultural lands, which have proven to be even more vital during the past months of sheltering in place.

And for the sponsors who gave generously to support our work, we in turn gave them a gift that keeps on giving. Those that donated $1,000 or more are receiving a selection of surprise gifts celebrating the bounty of the local farms and ranches that make up an important part of the Bay Area. If you missed out on this special opportunity to give (and receive) you can donate today to avail of our sponsorship benefits.

We are also happy to share that this year we had the opportunity to “pay it forward” by donating locally sourced meals to families in need in the Oakland and San Francisco communities from October through December.

We are grateful to our community for joining us for this fun virtual event, and for helping us drive bold climate leadership where it’s needed most.

You can watch and share a recording of Savor the Greenbelt here.

A special thanks to our sponsors who made Savor the Greenbelt possible this year!

Photo: Shira Bezalel

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