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Setting Boundaries on the ballot

This November Santa Rosa and Cloverdale can set some good boundaries.

City councils in both Sonoma communities voted this week to put urban growth boundary measures on the November ballot. The measure in Cloverdale is especially notable because Cloverdale is the only Sonoma city without a voter-approved urban growth boundary, a policy tool which curbs sprawl. In Santa Rosa, the urban growth boundary ballot measure is a renewal of the existing boundary which corresponds with the updated 2009 General Plan.

The Cloverdale City Council voted 4-1 in favor of the boundary. In Santa Rosa, the Council voted unanimously, 7-0, in favor of the urban growth boundary measure renewal.

Thank you to all the great residents of Cloverdale and Santa Rosa who spoke for the urban growth boundary at City Council meetings and emailed City Councilmembers to urge them to support the boundary!

Stay involved with the campaign through November by visiting srurbangrowthbonudary.org or emailing Greenbelt Alliance Field Representative Amanda Bornstein.

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