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Rohnert Park Votes YES on Measure B to Renew the UGB

Update: On November 5, the people of Rohnert Park chose to renew the city’s Urban Growth Boundary with over 90% voting yes on Measure B. This is a huge win for open space in the North Bay, setting a precedent for other Bay Area cities to grow in a climate-smart way—within city boundaries and not on precious open space lands. 

Greenbelt Alliance partnered with Rohnert Park’s City Council and staff to develop Measure B to renew the city’s Urban Growth Boundary for another 20 years in a special election on November 5, 2019.

Voting yes on Measure B prevents urban sprawl, protects community separators, and preserves agricultural and open space lands until 2040. Passing Measure B means that any future changes proposed to the urban growth boundary must be approved by Rohnert Park residents with a vote of the people.

First enacted in June 2000, an overwhelming 71% of voters established Rohnert Park’s Urban Growth Boundary. In order to prevent any lapse in voter protections, the City Council called a special election to renew the UGB. Residents responded to the call, with 99% voting to support Rohnert Park’s farm, ranch, and natural lands by voting YES on Measure B on November 5, 2019!

Contact North Bay Regional Director Teri Shore for more information.

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3 Comments on “Rohnert Park Votes YES on Measure B to Renew the UGB

  1. So far this ballot measure appears to be unopposed. Can someone please tell me why the measure excludes approximately 80 acres located in the County and south of Valley House Drive and west of Petaluma Hill Road. (Assessor’s Parcel Number 047-111-050) Was this previously within the UGB? What is planned for this parcel?

    • By “excludes” do you mean that his parcel is not within the UGB?

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