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What’s Cookin’ in Oakland

Oakland’s Broadway Valdez District will be an exciting part of the city’s future. We can get a glimpse of what the future holds by looking in on things like Kitchener Oakland—a commercial kitchen with a community conscience.

Owner Sophia Chang fantasized about starting Kitchener for six years. When the opportunity arose to open in the heart of the “Valdez Triangle” she snatched it up. Kitchener is Oakland’s hottest space for startup food businesses with a focus on local and sustainable ingredients. It is quickly becoming a hub where the community can showcase their delicious entrepreneurial spirit.

“The neighborhood chose me,” she says. “I have a really strong drive for community and it shows in what we do. What has been magical is that people from the community have decided to converge on Kitchener once a month [for open houses] and meet each other.”

Greenbelt Alliance and our Better Broadway Coalition partners are working with the City of Oakland on a community plan for the Broadway Valdez District. Our aim is to create a place where businesses like Kitchener Oakland can thrive—a vibrant Broadway Valdez neighborhood with new homes, pedestrian-friendly streets, green transit, and high-quality jobs.

People like Sophia are what make Oakland such an exciting place to be right now. We will continue to work toward a better Broadway, setting the stage for the neighborhood’s success.

Read more about our Thriving Neighborhoods work throughout the Bay Area.

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