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Amy Hartman

Yes on 68: Support the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act

Greenbelt Alliance recently endorsed Proposition 68—the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act. Prop 68 is a general obligation bond that invests $4.1 billion in the coming years to address some of California’s most important water, park, and natural resource needs.

The state legislature passed the California Clean Water & Parks Act (SB5) last year that authorized this vote.

Every Californian voter will have the opportunity to support Prop 68 on Election Day: June 5, 2018.

Here at Greenbelt Alliance, we urge you to VOTE YES on Prop 68.

How Can You Get Involved in the Campaign?

In the months leading up to primary election day—June 5, 2018—there are several ways that you can support the campaign.

  • Help with endorsementsGreenbelt Alliance is asking for endorsements from all Bay Area groups that may be interested in supporting Prop 68. This includes your local environmental or conservation group, a neighborhood or community group, your local elected officials, local labor unions, or generally any other group or community leader that supports investing in safe parks, clean water and funding for projects to address climate change in the Bay Region! Get the endorsement form here.
  • We’re also happy to come talk with your group. Feel free to contact us for more information.
    • If your organization is interested in becoming more deeply involved by joining the Bay Area Regional Task Force for Prop 68, please let us know.
  • Follow and support the online campaign at:
  • Tell your friends, neighbors, and colleagues about Prop 68 and encourage them to vote Yes on 68 on June 5.
  • Pass along the information below about all of the ways Prop 68 could support the Bay Area.
  • Write a letter to your local newspaper encouraging fellow residents to vote YES on 68. We’re happy to help you write a letter.
How Does Prop 68 Support the Bay Area?
Specific Funding for the Bay Area
  • $290 million formula allocation to Bay Area park districts for local and regional parks (per capita and other programs)
  • $21.25 million for San Francisco Bay Conservancy Program (Coastal Conservancy)
  • $20 million for restoration grants to match Measure AA (Coastal Conservancy)
  • $14 million for the Ocean Protection Trust Fund (Coastal Conservancy)
  • $3 million for Los Gatos Creek and Upper Guadalupe River (Natural Resources Agency)
  • $3 million for Russian River (Natural Resources Agency)
Bay Area Eligible Competitive Funding Opportunities

State and Local Parks, Greenways, and River Parkways

  • $725 million for the creation and expansion of parks in “park-poor neighborhoods”
  • $290 million in funding for local parks (per capita and other programs)
  • $218 million in funding to “create, expand…and improve state parks and park facilities”
  • $30 million for trail and greenway investments (Natural Resources Agency)
  • $25 million for recreational programs and parks in rural communities (State Parks)

Ocean, Bay, and Coastal Protection

  • $20 million for coastal forests
  • $35 million for marine protected areas and sustainable fisheries
  • $5 million for coastal dune, wetlands, and estuary protection
  • $30 million for “lower cost coastal accommodation grants”
  • $75 million for California Ocean Protection Trust Fund; including $40 million to assist coastal communities and fisheries with climate change adaptation, including projects that address sea-level rise, acidification and habitat protection

Climate Preparedness, Habitat Resiliency, Resource Enhancement, and Innovation

  • $443 million to various agencies including:
    • $48 million for wildlife corridors & open space (Wildlife Conservation Board)
    • $115 million for fishery and riparian restoration projects (Dept. of Fish and Wildlife)
    • $60 million for agricultural land conservation and stewardship (Dept. of Conservation)
    • $50 million for “for ecological restoration of forests” including urban forests (CalFire)

Local Water Supply & Management, Flood Protection

  • $1.1 billion statewide for safe drinking water, groundwater sustainability, flood protection, and other water-related programs

Photo: The Yes on Proposition 68 Campaign

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