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Golden Lands, Golden Opportunity

Golden Lands, Golden Opportunity identifies Bay Area lands that provide vital public benefits—but are still unprotected.

With success stories and facts about each county, the report is a celebration of our “golden lands” as well as a call to action to fully protect our greenbelt. It includes:

  • Golden Opportunity:
    A description of the benefits of Bay Area lands, and the challenges and need for a coordinated strategy for conservation.
  • Golden Lands:
    A look at watersheds, working farms and ranches, community greenbelts, wildlife habitat, parks and trails.
  • Snapshots:
    A look at urban parks and the nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Take Action:
    Strategies for successfully protection of these vital lands.

Golden Lands, Golden Opportunity is a collaboration of Greenbelt Alliance and the Bay Area Open Space Council with the Association of Bay Area Governments. Over 100 Bay Area organizations contributed to this effort.

Photo: Marc Crumpler via Flickr

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