Our new white paper, Coyote Valley & Groundwater Protection, shows how important it is for these lands to remain undeveloped.

White Paper: Coyote Valley & Groundwater Protection

Coyote Valley plays a crucial role in recharging the Bay Area’s groundwater resources. Our new white paper, Coyote Valley & Groundwater Protection, highlights the importance of protecting this piece of essential green infrastructure from potential contamination.

North Coyote Valley presents a unique opportunity to protect groundwater quality from a potential threat to the drinking water of thousands of San Jose residents. Physical characteristics of the land make it one of the most vulnerable areas in the county for contamination, but widespread industrial development has not yet occurred.

The risk from that development can still be prevented entirely, while in already-developed areas it can only be managed. Local government agencies should undertake proactive policies and purchases in light of the combined opportunity and vulnerability for San Jose’s groundwater supplies.

Photo: Don DeBold via Flickr

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