Smart Infill

Smart Infill is a practical infill development guide to help elected officials and local residents invest in their communities to create inviting neighborhoods where people can afford to live. Smart Infill splits up the process into four stages:

  • Planning: Finding Room for Infill
    From adopting an urban growth boundary to environmental review
  • Community: Creating Better Places to Live
    Providing affordable homes, working with neighbors to meet local needs, preventing displacement, and creating better public spaces.
  • Design: Making the Most of the Infill Site
    Making infill successful by planning well for density, reducing parking needs, and ensuring good design.
  • Development: Strengthening and Streamlining the Process
    Dealing with brownfields and stormwater, finding financing, and streamlining the approval and building process.

Smart Infill‘s 12 case studies include San Francisco, San Mateo, Redwood City, Morgan Hill, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, San Rafael, Petaluma, and Windsor, as well as examples from many more. ThisĀ infill development guide also includes recommendations for state and regional action.

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