In the city of Sunnyvale, a two-bedroom apartment rents for over $3,200 per month. Far too many families are struggling with the burden of high housing costs and must endure ever-longer commutes to find a home they can afford. Sunnyvale has the opportunity to do better for its residents and we’re helping make it happen.

The process starts with specific plans that create more homes. But providing more homes is just one component of a thriving neighborhood. These plans should ensure that new development benefits all of Sunnyvale’s residents—giving them the ability to walk and bike to shops, providing workplaces, offering convenient transportation choices, and adding access to nature with pocket parks, street trees, and other natural amenities.

Greenbelt Alliance is working to ensure the City adopts a plan for the El Camino Real area that creates thriving neighborhoods with new homes affordable to people at all income levels.

In August, the City Council took an important step forward, voting to accommodate 6,900 new homes along the corridor, the most homes of all the options under consideration, in its upcoming plan. The final plan is expected to be adopted in mid-2018.

Our Fixing the Foundation report identified key barriers to adding new homes in Sunnyvale. Using those findings as a guide, we are working to ensure the plan increases flexibility to allow for new homes to be built.

We have worked closely with a community-based coalition, Livable Sunnyvale, to ensure the people of Sunnyvale have the right tools they need to impact how their city grows and ensure their needs are incorporated into the El Camino Real plan. Other partners engaged in our work in Sunnyvale range from neighborhood associations and housing advocates to bicycle and pedestrian groups.

Sunnyvale City Council Selects Smart Alternative For El Camino Real


  • Sunnyvale’s El Camino Real Precise Plan allows at least 6,900 new homes along the corridor.
  • The city sets strong affordable housing goals and policies for the area so that everyone across the income spectrum can live close to where they work.
  • New development and streetscape improvements are focused near future Bus Rapid Transit stations, include protected bike lanes along El Camino Real, and integrate urban greening elements.


Greenbelt Alliance’s report Fixing the Foundation Local Solutions for Infill Housing and our City by City Analysis including Sunnyvale.

Sunnyvale El Camino Real Precise Plan Policy Platform

Comment Letter to Sunnyvale City Council: February 17, 2017

Map of the El Camino Real Plan Area


Staff Contact: Kiyomi Yamamoto

Photo: SunnyvaleRocks via Flickr