MTC and ABAG Take Steps Toward Integration

For the last several months, the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) have been exploring taking unprecedented steps to better integrate the two agencies to create more effective, efficient regional planning for the Bay Area. At the ABAG General Assembly on April 21, Greenbelt Alliance CEO Jeremy Madsen was asked to bring the environmental perspective regarding this potential integration.

What Is Smart Growth?

Smart Growth

Smart growth can make our region more climate-friendly, affordable, and economically competitive, while protecting our farms, forests, and watersheds.

Bay Area Gets Big Boost in Conservation Funding

On November 18, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission voted to significantly increase its investment in conservation by expanding its first-in-the-nation Priority Conservation Area grant program by over 60% to $16.4 million. This is a major validation of the importance of safeguarding these lands from sprawl.

MTC and ABAG Propose Full Merger

This morning, the Bay Area’s two regional governmental agencies—the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)—unanimously voted to pursue merging the two organizations into one. For years, Greenbelt Alliance has believed that the region would benefit from better integration of MTC and ABAG.

MTC and ABAG Integration up for Vote October 28

Those following the conversation around increased integration of our regional governmental agencies, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), will be interested to hear that MTC just released a formal proposal for an October 28 vote to consolidate the MTC and ABAG planning departments into an Integrated Regional Planning Department under MTC’s authority.

Regional Integration at MTC and ABAG

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has proposed an MTC and ABAG merger of their planning departments. We support stronger integration between the Bay Area’s two largest agencies.

Updating Plan Bay Area: Kick the Tires, Tighten the Bolts, and Get Moving

In the Plan Bay Area update effort, we’re looking closely at how new funds are distributed and how the new plan will measure performance.

Plan Bay Area: A Smart Investment for Our Future

Photo: David Yu via Flickr

Randal O’Toole—a Cato Institute fellow and avowed opponent of smart growth—recently wrote a diatribe against Plan Bay Area in Forbes. O’Toole wants to impose his growth vision on our region, which calls for opening the floodgates for sprawl development on natural and agricultural lands. Here’s our response.

How to Improve Bay Area Smart Growth Grants

With the 2017 update to Plan Bay Area well underway, Greenbelt Alliance has developed several recommendations on how to improve one of the most important pieces of that update, the second round of the OneBayArea Grant Program (OBAG).

Round 1 of Plan Bay Area Workshops Complete

May 28 marked the last public workshop of the initial comment period for the update to Plan Bay Area, the groundbreaking regional strategy that envisions no sprawl for the next generation and focuses the majority of new development near transit. Here are some highlights from the workshops.