Greenbelt Alliance endorses Peerless Greens and Sonoma Mountain Village

In February, Greenbelt Alliance endorsed two exciting new neighborhood-scale developments: Peerless Greens in Berkeley and Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park.

Sonoma’s sprawl-busting ballot measures

On November 2, Sonoma voters can renew the lines in Santa Rosa and Petaluma and establish the first one in Cloverdale.

Setting Boundaries on the ballot

This November Santa Rosa and Cloverdale can set some good boundaries. City councils in both Sonoma communities voted this week to put urban growth boundary measures on the November ballot.

Final Council decision on Cloverdale urban growth boundary Mon. 6/28

Wednesday, the Cloverdale City Council decided to delay the vote on the urban growth boundary to a special session on Monday, June 28. Council directed city staff to adjust the language to protect …

Cloverdale planning commission votes in favor of urban growth boundary

On June 2, the Cloverdale planning commission voted in favor of the draft urban growth boundary. This is great news because the planning commission took our requests into consideration.

Cloverdale to consider adopting an urban growth boundary

After years of community input and urging by Greenbelt Alliance, the City Council is now poised to place an urban growth boundary measure on the 2010 ballot.

Cloverdale says OK to growth plan that includes Asti

After more than six years and 40 public meetings, Cloverdale has adopted a new general plan.

Debate over Cloverdale growth

As Cloverdale tinkers with its blueprint for growth, there is an ongoing debate over whether the city is setting itself up to stretch too far south and encourage sprawl.

Environmentalists who have been pushing Cloverdale to adopt a voter-approved urban growth boundary say the city is poised to develop all the way to Asti, about 2 miles south of current city limits.

Preventing Sprawl

photo by Daniel Hoherd via flickr

This report examines the past, present, and future of land use in Sonoma County with farmers and environmentalists working together.