A Midsummer Night’s Mixer With the Sonoma County Farm Bureau

Executive Director Tim Tesconi of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau

On July 21, dozens of environmental allies, farmers, dairymen, elected officials and others spent an evening with Greenbelt Alliance and the Sonoma County Farm Bureau at a jointly-sponsored midsummer mixer in Santa Rosa. Farmers and conservationists face common obstacles in Sonoma County: the loss of agricultural lands and the threat of sprawl development.

A Tour of Cotati’s Greenbelt

All nine of Sonoma County’s incorporated cities and towns have urban growth boundaries (UGBs) in place, which designate where growth can and cannot happen. They direct new houses, shops, and other development inside the footprints of the cities and prevent urban development in the open spaces between communities. The City of Cotati’s is expiring within the next few years, so together with community activist Jenny Blaker, we ensured the City of Cotati committed to renewing its urban growth boundary.

Growing Our Farmland

While our demand for locally-grown food steadily rises—particularly after biting into a fresh Sebastopol apple or a luscious tomato from Sonoma—few of us realize that access to land is a major barrier facing the farmers and ranchers who produce our favorite fruits, vegetables, and sustainability-raised chickens and beef.

Protecting Green Places Between Sonoma’s Cities

Photo: Marc Liyanage

Sonoma County’s rolling hills and grasslands are at their most spectacular this time of year, when still tinged with green and scattered with wildflowers.

Her Rural Majesty: Julie’s Story

Julie and her husband fell in love with Sonoma County, so they found a place to call home in Asti. When neighboring Cloverdale was looking to sprawl out beyond its urban growth boundary, Julie teamed up with Greenbelt Alliance and our local partners to fight the expansion.

Decision on Cloverdale sprawl proposal approaches

On April 30, the Sonoma Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) conducted a public meeting in Cloverdale. Greenbelt Alliance, our allies, and members of the Cloverdale City Council attended to discuss concerns over the City’s sphere of influence (SOI) proposal.

Cloverdale seeks to sprawl

The ongoing debate over Cloverdale’s growth continues. Cloverdale wants to extend its city limits to include Asti as well as other unincorporated areas, parts of which are outside the 2010 voter-approved urban growth boundary.

Walking and biking towards a better economy in Sonoma

Back in January, the Sonoma County Transportation Authority released Economic Impacts of Walking & Biking in Sonoma County, a report that shows the economic benefits of investing in bicycle and pedestrian amenities in Sonoma County. (Photo: RobVSF via Flickr)

$24.5 million deal saves Sonoma forest

Greenbelt Alliance applauds the efforts our friends in Sonoma County for their hard work in securing the preservation of appropriately-named Preservation Ranch. (Photo: Kent Porter / Press Democrat)

Santa Rosa just got SMARTER

On September 18, the Santa Rosa City Council adopted a revised version of the North Santa Rosa Station Area Plan. After a summer of doubt, Greenbelt Alliance is pleased to report that our efforts to get the city to work out a compromise with the Coddington Mall owners was successful.