Review of Winery Regulation Ordinance

February 27, 2012

Santa Clara County Planning Commission
70 W Hedding St # 7
San Jose, CA 95110-­‐1768

Dear Chairman Lefaver and Honorable Commissioners,

Southern Santa Clara County has the perfect ingredients -­‐ climate, soil, and rural, picturesque communities -­‐ to create a regional and national agri-­‐tourism industry with its vineyards. Greenbelt Alliance commends the County for placing value on the growing wine industry and recognizing the pivotal role the County can play in supporting agri-­‐tourism and viable County wide agricultural enterprises. We thank you for allowing Greenbelt Alliance to participate in the conversation and provide comments during this process.

Due to the short release of the preliminary draft in advance of the Planning Commission meeting and the staff focus on the Working Winery Group’s recommendations more than ordinance language we are providing overarching considerations regarding the recommendations. We hope to provide further detailed comments on the draft ordinance when the Planning Commission gives this further consideration.


To keep reading comment letter: Greenbelt Alliance Comments, SCCo. Winery Ordinance Revisions (PDF)

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