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Solano County: Vote YES on Proposition 68 This June

“With the challenges faced by our parks, open space and water resources, a vote for Proposition 68 will protect our valuable water resources while also improving the state’s parks and open spaces.”  – Solano Sierra Club, Endorsement of Prop. 68

Greenbelt Alliance has endorsed Proposition 68—the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act. Prop. 68 is a general obligation bond that invests $4.1 billion in the coming years to address some of California’s most important water, park, and natural resource needs.

The state legislature passed the California Clean Water & Parks Act (SB5) that authorized this vote last year. Now, every Californian voter will have the opportunity to support Prop. 68 on Election Day: June 5, 2018. Here at Greenbelt Alliance, we urge you to VOTE YES on Prop. 68.

How Does Proposition 68 Help Solano County?
  • Each of the seven cities in Solano County—Vallejo, Benicia, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Dixon, and Vacaville—receives $200,000 to invest in water, park, and natural resource needs.
  • In Solano County Prop. 68 provides at least $400,000 for parks projects—guaranteed.
  • Solano County and each of the seven cities are eligible for over $1 billion in competitive grants for projects and organizations such as: urban greening and restoration projects, the Solano Land Trust, the Pacific Flyway Center, other nature centers in Solano County, a Solano County Regional Park and Open Space District, and safe parks for underserved communities.
  • Prop. 68 will fuel economic development by creating an estimated 50,000 new labor jobs statewide for infrastructure projects.

“Of the $4.1 billion total, the bond provides $1.3 billion for parks and recreation projects, most of which would be used to build or improve local parks.  Among the many provisions of Proposition 68 each Solano County city will receive a minimum of $200,000, and Solano County is guaranteed at least $400,000 for parks projects. This money can be used for deferred maintenance and/or new parks and water projects.  Proposition 68 also designates $218 million to repair and improve State parks desperate for money to pay for deferred maintenance.” Bob Berman, Benicia Resident and Supporter of Prop. 68

How to Get Involved in the Prop. 68 Campaign

In the days leading up to Election Day – June 5, 2018 – there are several ways that you can support the campaign.

  • Attend or host a phone bank or postcard writing get-together. Contact us for more information.
  • Collect endorsements—Greenbelt Alliance is asking for endorsements from all Bay Area groups and public figures that may be interested in supporting Prop. 68. This includes your local environmental or conservation group, a neighborhood or community group, your local elected officials, local labor unions, or any other group or community leader that supports investing in safe parks, clean water and funding for projects to address climate change in the Bay Region! Get the endorsement form here.
  • Tell your friends, neighbors, and colleagues about Prop. 68 and encourage them to vote Yes on 68 on June 5th.
  • Write a letter to your local newspaper encouraging fellow residents to vote YES on 68.
  • Put up a Yes on 68 Yard Sign.
  • Follow and support the online campaign. Share the following links with your friends.
Endorsing Organizations and Individuals in Solano County

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