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Vote Yes on Napa Open Space Measure K

Please join Greenbelt Alliance by jumping in to help pass Measure K in Napa, which will be on the March 3, 2020 ballot! The new quarter-cent sales tax will generate $9 million a year to forever protect water, parks and open space in Napa County.

Why vote yes on Measure K?

  • Measure K will protect over 20,000 acres of watersheds, natural habitats, rolling hills, and forests throughout Napa County. If we don’t act fast, these lands will not be protected.
  • Measure K will help prevent wildfires by managing forests and open spaces to keep potential fire fuels at safer levels.
  • Measure K guarantees that 100% of its revenue stays in Napa County to protect water, parks, and open space.

Greenbelt Alliance helped convince Napa County supervisors to place this important open space measure on the March 3, 2020 ballot. Click here to read about this. Now we are partnering with the Measure K campaign team to ensure Napa County residents vote yes.

Napa Lands At Risk

Napa County enjoys some of the most beautiful natural open space in the Bay Area. Vast natural areas, extensive trails, streams, and wildlife help make Napa County a wonderful place for those who work, live, and play here. Yet, today, 10,071 acres of natural areas and agricultural land in Napa County are at risk of development. Measure K is a key tool in reducing such risk.

Check out the Measure K fact sheet to learn more!

Take Action to Protect Napa Open Space with Measure K

We need to get 66.6% of the vote, which means we need to connect with lots of voters to ensure they know what Measure K is and why they should say yes. It will take mailings, online communications, handouts, yard signs, advertising, and much more. You can help!

  • Endorse Measure K: You can help demonstrate that Measure K has broad support in Napa and around the Bay Area. Endorse Measure K here.
  • Volunteer:  Walk door-to-door, make phone calls, and send texts and emails to voters. You don’t need to live in Napa to help get the word out! Why not spend a few hours helping with Measure K before heading out to enjoy Napa? Click Here to volunteer.
  • Get a Lawn Sign: If you live in Napa County, show your support for Measure K by putting a YES on K sign in your yard.  Click Here for lawn signs.
  • Vote YES on K: Keep an eye out for your ballot in early February and be sure to vote YES on K! 
  • Help Spread the Word on Social Media: Follow Measure K on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information, visit or contact North Bay Regional Director, Teri Shore.

Photo: Sebastien Gabriel via Unsplash

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