Yes on 68: Support the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act

Greenbelt Alliance endorsed Proposition 68—the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act. Prop 68 is a general obligation bond that invests $4.1 billion to address some of California’s most important water, park, and natural resource needs.

Greenbelt Alliance Endorses Park Bond Bill: What It Means for the Bay Area and State

Greenbelt Alliance has endorsed the Park Bond Bill and will carry out an intensive statewide campaign to support the ballot measure.

Yes on Measure E: Novato Wetlands and Flood Control

Novato residents have an opportunity to improve flood control and increase marsh restoration by voting YES on Measure E in the November 7 election.

Windsor Votes YES on Measure H to Renew Urban Growth Boundary

The Town of Windsor in Sonoma County held a special election on November 7 to renew its urban growth boundary (UGB) for another 22 years through Measure H. In a resounding win with over 70% approval, the local community turned out in support of protecting open space and planning for smart growth.

Leadership Circle 2016: Post-Election with John King

Greenbelt Alliance’s Leadership Circle gathered for a post-election conversation with John King of the San Francisco Chronicle to discuss the 27 local ballot measures Greenbelt Alliance took positions on in the 2016 Bay Area elections.

Big Win: Sonoma County Renews Community Separators for 20 Years

Greenbelt Alliance led the charge to not only renew voter protections for Sonoma County’s community separators but also triple the amount of land protected. Watch the video.

2016 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

California’s 2016 legislative session ended on September 30th with many successes for Greenbelt Alliance’s endorsements, but also with some disappointments. Here’s an overview: Signed Into Law AB 2031 (Bonta) allows cities to issue bonds for construction of new affordable homes based on the revenue stream of “boomerang funds,” which are funds received by cities and counties after the dissolution of redevelopment. This allows cities to build more homes faster to address the… Read More

Election 2016 Win: Sunnyvale Says NO to Measure M

UPDATE: We are happy to report that Measure M did not pass in the November 2016 election. Measure M is a poorly conceived initiative that would make the city less affordable and sustainable while wasting limited taxpayer funds. This measure would require a public vote for the sale, lease, lease extension, lease renewal, land swap, or transfer of properties, facilities, or land that the city owns, leases, or uses. Sounds confusing? It… Read More

Election 2016 Win: Milpitas Says Yes to Measure K

UPDATE: We’re excited that Measure K passed in the November 2016 election! This measure protects parks and open space by requiring a two-thirds public vote to re-zone these lands for industrial, commercial, or residential development. The Milpitas City Council placed Measure K on the November 2016 ballot to complement Measure I and Measure J—two other smart ballot measures that, if passed by Milpitas voters, will protect important natural and agricultural lands. While… Read More

Election 2016 Win: Alameda County Says Yes to Measure F1

UPDATE: We’re excited that Measure F1 passed in the November 2016 election! This measure authorizes a $250 million bond for repair and maintenance of local parks within the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD). For over 70 years, the residents of Hayward, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Ashland, Cherryland, Fairview, and surrounding communities have enjoyed safe, clean, well-maintained parks and recreation facilities provided by HARD. Today nearly 300,000 residents live in its… Read More