Draft program environmental impact report for Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan

August 15, 2011

Mr. Andrew Crabtree, Envision Team Leader
Planning, Building and Code Enforcement
San Jose City Hall
200 East Santa Clara Street
San Jose, CA 95113

RE: Greenbelt Alliance comment letter on the Draft Program Environmental Impact Report for Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan

Dear Mr. Crabtree,

Thank you for allowing Greenbelt Alliance the opportunity to comment on the Draft Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan. Greenbelt Alliance has had the pleasure of sitting on the General Plan Task Force for nearly four years and looks forward to a visionary document being adopted by the San Jose City Council this fall. We intend to support this document as it is implemented and what follows are our suggestions for how to make it even stronger. Also, we very much appreciate the two week extension on comments.

Envision 2040 has many great goals, policies and actions that will set San Jose on a course to a more sustainable, equitable future. A focus on urban villages, infill development, and a multi- modal approach to mobility makes this plan a model. Taking the urban reserves off the table for development and recognizing Coyote Valley as a wildlife corridor are steps in the right direction as it allows San Jose to reinvest in existing neighborhoods and ensure valuable infrastructure dollars are being used to make what is already built even better.

As Public Health Law and Policy stated in their memo …

Keep reading the comment letter: GA_comment_letter (PDF).

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