Use of OneBayArea land conservation

January 10, 2012

Metropolitan Transportation Commission Planning Committee

Association of Bay Area Governments Administrative Committee 101 8th Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Dear Chairs Spering and Green, MTC Planning and ABAG Administrative Committee members:

Thank you for your support for the OneBayArea grant program. We are particularly pleased to see the inclusion of a $5 million pilot program for land conservation.

These funds should be used for genuine conservation projects, not for maintenance of rural roads. With the exception of this tiny $5 million pilot program, the hundreds of millions of dollars of the OneBayArea grants are available to counties to spend flexibly, including on local street and road maintenance. Counties should plan to use the portion of their OneBayArea grants that can be spent anywhere in the county – including outside Priority Development Areas – to maintain their rural roads.

To maximize effectiveness, the land conservation grant program should…

To keep reading comment letter: OneBayArea grant Conservation groups letter (PDF)

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