Sonoma Solstice threatens greenbelt lands at the site of the old Buzzard's Gulch.
Teri Shore

Teri Shore

Solstice Sonoma Luxury Resort Slated for Burned Zone in Greenbelt

A new luxury resort and event center is moving forward in the protected green buffer in the burned zone on the north edge of Santa Rosa.

All the land and structures in and around this voter-approved community separator burned during the October 2017 fires. Now a developer wants to cash in and put hundreds more people in this high fire risk zone. They hope to commercialize the greenbelt by building a brand new year-round wedding and event center with multiple overnight party units.

A key county committee that reviews architecture and design recently gave the outsized project a greenlight. Even, worse, county planners are telling us that the large new compound on never-developed rural land adjacent to an agricultural preserve in a protected community separator won’t have significant environmental impacts. Something is wrong here!

In 2016, Sonoma County voted by 81% to protect community separators, the green spaces between our towns and cities. This luxury resort will put community separators to the test in front of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, who will have the final say.

That’s why several hundred people have already signed the Greenbelt Alliance petition demanding that the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors put a halt to the Sonoma Solstice project at Buzzard’s Gulch.

Here’s why we need you to help stop the Buzzard’s Gulch/Solstice Sonoma luxury resort and event center in the community separator:

  • The land is inside the protected Santa Rosa-Larkfield-Windsor community separator, a stretch of greenbelt along Old Redwood Highway between Santa Rosa and Windsor.
  • Sits right outside of Santa Rosa’s urban growth boundary, where development is supposed to end.
  • In wildfire burned area of Fountaingrove and Larkfield Wikiup where hundreds of people lost their homes and are slowly rebuilding.
  • Next door to the historic Cloverleaf Ranch, an agricultural preserve and summer riding camp for children and teenagers, which is struggling to rebuild after the fires.
  • A dozen luxury 1, 2, and 3 bedroom wine country party houses on rural land where no housing is allowed.
  • Hundreds of weddings and high-end events all year with wine and music until late at night.
  • Threatens the creek, groundwater, mature oaks, air, and climate with increased pollution.
  • Will bring more low-paying tourist-serving jobs that will exacerbate the housing crisis.

Please help us stop the Buzzard’s Gulch/Solstice Sonoma Luxury Resort!

Sign the petition to show you oppose this incursion into our community separators and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

You can also contact North Bay Regional Director Teri Shore for more information on how to get involved with this campaign.

Photo: Teri Shore

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