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Note from Anu Natarajan, Board Chair

At Greenbelt Alliance, we work to make the places around the Bay Area we love sustainable, equitable, and welcoming to all.

2017 was a year of resilience. A year of resilient cities and towns, learning how to adapt and thrive in the face of challenges. A year of resilient families, coming together after the North Bay fires, determined to rebuild. And a year of resilient hope, as people like you responded to the federal administration’s determination to undermine land conservation and sustainable cities with a surge in support for Greenbelt Alliance. This support has bolstered our resolve to keep the Bay Area a special place. We’re honored to know that the Bay Area community believes in our ability to help the region grow into a brilliant beacon of what our country can be. I encourage you to read our Annual Report today to learn more about the work you made possible over this past year.

2017 Annual Report

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Featured In 2017

“The San Francisco Bay Area’s natural lands provide fresh water, wildlife habitat, and protection against the effects of climate change. Defending these lands from being consumed is vital. Greenbelt Alliance’s work on forward-thinking and creative policies to save these places is critical to the future of the Bay Area.” Terry Tamminen CEO – Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

At Risk: The Bay Area Greenbelt

Since 1989, we’ve taken stock of the Bay Area’s open space protection accomplishments and what’s left to do in our signature report, At Risk: The Bay Area Greenbelt. This report is the definitive research on the farms, ranches, and natural areas at risk of being lost to sprawl development. Read more.


North Bay Fires: Recovery & Resilience

Only a few months have passed since fire devastated the North Bay. As the recovery process begins, there are a lot of questions when it comes to rebuilding with a myriad of possible answers. North Bay communities will be shaped for decades by the decisions that will be made. Read more.

North Bayshore: More Homes in Mountain View

The Bay Area has boomed in recent years, but many communities have struggled to keep up with the pace of growth. The recent approval of the North Bayshore Precise Plan in Mountain View is a prime example of how we’re making the right growth happen in the right places around the Bay Area. Read more.

Coyote Valley: Protecting a Bay Area Gem

Coyote Valley, just south of San Jose, is a 7,400 acre network of natural and agricultural lands at the urban edge of the 10th largest city in the nation. For decades we have worked to protect the valley from development threats. The tide has begun to turn from pro-sprawl to conservation. Read more.


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