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Note from Lynne Deegan-McGraw, Board Chair

The pressure to sprawl outward and eliminate the Bay Area’s growth management policies has never been greater.

In the next 20 years, our region is expected to grow by more than two million people. They’ll need places to live, but sprawl is not the answer if we are to preserve what makes the Bay Area extraordinary. Our mission has never been more relevant—or more necessary.
As I begin my first year as Board Chair, the legacy of Greenbelt Alliance is at the forefront of my mind, as is the community that made it possible. We are immensely grateful for your past support and are committed to preserving the livability and vibrancy of the nine Bay Area counties for generations to come. I encourage you to read our Annual Report today to learn more about the work you made possible over this past year.

2018 Annual Report

Financial Statements 2018 [PDF]
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Featured In 2018

“We have a proud legacy of open space because of Greenbelt Alliance’s willingness to step up and step in. That legacy will extend for generations if we continue to remain vigilant and continue to recognize that we can’t take things for granted. More important than anything else, we’re not bystanders in this world.” Gavin Newsom – Governor of California

South Bay: Three Big Votes Against Sprawl

We saw big wins at the ballot box in San Jose last year. Summer brought the sprawl-stopping Measures B and C, followed last fall by a huge step towards permanently protecting Coyote Valley in Measure T. Now, we have a chance to preserve this regional treasure for future generations.  Read more.

North Bay: Rebuilding for Resilience

Through 2018, North Bay residents and leaders focused on rebuilding and getting people and communities back on their feet. For Greenbelt Alliance, it was also a year of forging new partnerships to make cities and towns more sustainable and our landscapes more resilient in the wake of the fires. Read more.

East Bay: Protecting Agriculture & Open Space

Greenbelt Alliance celebrated a big win this summer when the Antioch City Council voted to protect 1,200 acres of natural and agricultural lands, which had long been in the crosshairs for sprawl development, and strengthened environmental protections by renewing their urban limit line. Read more.

Bob Johnson’s Path to a Lasting Legacy

For most of his life, Bob Johnson has loved to walk. Today, as both an outings leader and Board member for Greenbelt Alliance, he helps spread the word about the dynamic communities of Berkeley, the East Bay’s stunning parks and open spaces, and the joys of seeing the world on foot. Read more.

Past Annual Reports

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