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madsenJeremy Madsen, CEO

At Greenbelt Alliance, we address how the Bay Area grows.

Our job is to make sure that the right kind of development happens in the right places and to prevent development where it does not belong: on our greenbelt of spectacular farms, ranches, and natural areas. The national elections that took place this past November created a lot of uncertainty and, for many, anxiety. Our local results, where Greenbelt Alliance was a leader, provide hope. It is with Greenbelt Alliance’s leadership in these uncertain times that the Bay Area can be a shining example, for the country and the entire planet, of the sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive world so many of us want to see. I encourage you to read our 2016 Annual Report to see the results of the work you helped make possible. Without the generosity of people like you, Greenbelt Alliance simply would not be able to be the leader we are.

2016 Annual Report

Form 990 Tax Statement 2016 [PDF]  |  Financial Statements 2016 [PDF]

Featured In 2016

“The efforts to protect these magnificent places are often driven by the people who are closest to them, and that’s why the work Greenbelt Alliance has done for the past 59 years is so important. It’s impossible to imagine what the Bay Area would be like without those who started this movement to save our farmland and our hills and all the members and volunteers who continue to do their part.”
-Senator Barbara Boxer, CA 1993-2017



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